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I’ll confess right now, up until a few months ago I never really took much notice of horses. They we just big boring grass-munchers that I had never really interacted with before. Truth be told, their size was a little intimidating to me and I had heard stories about them injuring riders many times. All that has since changed. Since moving house I now have a new route for walking my two dogs in the mornings. And this route goes down a quiet track alongside some fields in our English village. Part of the track is next to a field of, yes you guessed it, horses. At first, I would just have a quick glance across and not pay much attention. But then the horses began to come over, as if they knew I was coming and wanted to say hello! So I got brave and now several mornings a week they come right up and I give them a quick stroke on their heads. It’s quite uplifting being so close to such majestic beings. Horses really are special creatures. I can see why many people look after them and enjoy riding them. Personally, I would just love to hang around them more. There is a sense of peace when you are with a horse. I always take my iPhone out with me when walking the dogs and one morning it was a glorious misty start that bathed the field of horses in such a great light that I just had to take a photograph. Here it is… horse prints on canvas I loved it so much I decided to get it printed on canvas for my office. It’s one of those images that has a personal aspect to it, so it might not seem worth printing on canvas to some people, but because I know the horses and it is part of my daily walk, it means something to me. So I got it printed as canvas wall art from Fotoviva Art Prints who are an online gallery specialising in canvases and acrylic prints. I really love acrylic wall art but for this picture, I felt canvas would be the better option. It’s horses for courses – sorry, couldn’t help it! Whilst I was on the Fotoviva website I saw a few horse canvases but one that caught my eye was a print called ‘White’ which you can see below. canvas picture of white horse I think it captures the beauty and spirit of horses really well. You can buy the horse canvas here and it’s available in several sizes. The canvas I had from Fotoviva was excellent quality and I would happily recommend them. This led me on a search for more pictures of horses that could be bought as canvas wall art. And guess what? I ended up going down a rabbit hole of gallery sites and finding some truly amazing images! Over at World Gallery I found a beautifully abstract horse canvas piece called Morning Dream. It’s like if you had a vague recollection of a dream the night before about horses it would look like this. Mesmerising and inspiring. Here it is… abstract equine canvas print I have not bought a canvas from this company before so I cannot comment on their quality, but they do also offer this horse print as framed art. My next stop took me to a journey through the online marketplace Etsy. I like the handmade and unique products available here and the prices are good too. A standout image for me was Spirit Horse by Green Republic Art. The picture made me think about the spiritual side of horses and how deep they go. Isn’t it great? spirit horse framed poster wall print for home decor That kind of horse picture would look amazing as a big canvas print on my living room wall but from the picture it looks good as a framed print too. white horse canvas photo print I came across the above image on Talking to Animals – he’s an animal communicator and Reiki healer – though I don’t know where the image originated from. One of the others I liked is called ‘Black and White’ and shows two majestic horses running together and kicking up dust. Looks like they are enjoying it and I would certainly enjoy seeing it hang in my home. black and white horse canvas art If you are a black and white art fan then this could be the perfect horse canvas for you.  The one other horse print I found on my searches was this one from Etsy called ‘The Paint’. I’m not particularly a fan of photos that have been heavily manipulated in Photoshop or some other post-processing software but I just feel this one really works well. rustic style horse canvas print It has a kind of stable or barn rustic feeling to it that suits an equine art print. Etsy are a very big company who offer many different kinds of things from canvas prints to jewellery and paintings. Here’s a link to the above horse canvas. Really I could go on and on with the horse wall art I found, there is so much out there I don’t think my walls could cope with all the ones I’d like to buy. Yes, I am a big fan of horses now as you probably gathered! If you look after horses or have some horse wall art in your home let me know by dropping a comment below.

Peter Wall

Peter Wall has a long history of creative work that spans two decades in the arts world, from photography, design and hand carvings. Peter has written for various arts publications and has had work featured in many exhibitions over the years.

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