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There is something ingrained in the soul which makes it human nature to love a nice sunset. Is it the colours that flare across the scene? Maybe it’s something to do with it being the closing of another day, some kind of inbuilt trigger which affects our emotions. I don’t know the answer, but I know sunsets make for some of the most gorgeous photographs. I have a great one hanging on my wall, printed on canvas. When people visit and spot it they always comment on how beautiful it is.

From a photographers perspective, capturing a sunset scene can be very hard to do because of the wide range of light these scenes produce. The brightness of the sun and it’s rays contrast with the dark areas of the silhouettes and shadow areas. Shooting into the sun is not advised. Taking several shots and blending as an HDR image will help to some degree, but planning the location and carefully setting the scene will also go a long way to a great sunset photograph.

With that in mind, I thought I would scour the internet to bring you the greatest sunset photos ever shot. Not a task I took lightly ā€“ there are plenty to choose from on the web! What I was looking for was the ‘awe’ factor. The sunset images which make your jaw drop to the floor. Not any old sunset, but ones that stand out. Sunsets you would be proud to hang on your wall and take centre stage in your home. So here they are, the ten most spellbinding sunset images ever taken…


Manhattan Beach Pier by Pedrosz

Sunset at Isonzo River By Daniele Pantanali

Goldeneye By Haaghun

Over The Mountains and the sea By Katarina 2353

Patterns in Nature by Garry

Behind the Sun by Paulo Lopes

Bow Fiddle Rock by Graham Cormie

Grand Canyon Sunset by Unknown

Best Sunset by Shawn S Park

Mountain Sunset by Unknown


If any of these are incorrectly attributed please let me know and I will fix the links. Hopefully these images will have stirred your soul and inspired you to get out there with your camera, or to simply make sure you are outside when the sun sets. It really is a magical time of the day and well worth a few minutes of your time.










Peter Wall

Peter Wall has a long history of creative work that spans two decades in the arts world, from photography, design and hand carvings. Peter has written for various arts publications and has had work featured in many exhibitions over the years.


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